Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Emptiness can affect us all in different ways. Some of us become depressed and some of us become bitter, but today I want to speak to the ones who become thirsty. The woman at the well, was so empty she loaned her body out to men who used and abused her inside and out. They were easily accessible and required little commitment. She could get the satisfaction she needed for the moment, without facing the ugly, empty void inside. Her need to be filled was insatiable, shoving her from man to man. However, on one fateful day...she was introduced to living water.

Jesus shed light into the void, and caused her to look deeper for true fulfillment. She confessed her low self-esteem and Jesus assured her that who she was, and how she lived was more important to God than what she'd been called. Jesus called her to a place of truth and spiritual worship. Before long, she was headed to share the good news with others.

Jesus wants to do the same for many of you who are struggling with thirst today, but first you must expose the void and address it full force. Step out of pride, low self-esteem, and "your truth", and open up to receive living water that assures you will never thirst again. If you are ready, pray this prayer with me...


I have been doing this my way for so long,

and it has gotten me nowhere but hurt, shunned, and embarrassed.

I have let myself down so many times,

and recovery has seemed so far out of reach.

Today oh God, I am asking you to fill me,

pour into my life, cleanse and restore me.

Lord, forgive me and wipe the record clean,

show me and every one else how spirit and truth can make all the difference.

I never want to thirst again,

so I am here at the well, filled with living water.

I believe you can make this so for me.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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