The Narrow Way

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Walk therefore in the way of the good and keep the way of the righteous ones. Proverbs 2:20

One Saturday afternoon, my family and I embarked upon a joyful outing at the park. My husband, took the boys in one direction and I took the girls. Everything was seemingly fine until I heard my son screaming at the top of his lungs and saw him flailing wildly on the other side of the walking trail. I ran over to find out what happened and my husband filled me in on the very profound details.

My husband who is always careful to give detailed instructions, told my son to stay on the trail with him and his brother. Although my husband gives instruction, I am usually the one who oversees the adherence to those instructions -but I had gone in another direction and was not there to guide. My son, who is a nature lover is often mystified by any creature of the outdoors, and at any given moment you can find him captivated by some natural wonder.

Apparently at some point during the walk, my son noticed a bee hive off to the side of the trail. Against instruction and his better judgment, he veered off without my husband noticing and attempted to "explore" this attraction. Shortly after, as you can imagine...the bee's expressed their gratitude for the attention. My son had ignored instruction; and with the absence of his guide, chose to stray into dangerous territory. The consequences were both painful and embarrassing, but necessary.

All too often, we do this same thing in our daily walk. We have clear instruction, and a ready guide but the distractions of the world become so enticing that we stray away. We wander and search, and experience the guilt of separation; until ultimately consequence drives us back to the path. Often beaten, battered, and bruised, we come back to the place of safety to start all over again. The only redemption in these situations, is what we learn from them and how we move going forward.

It can be difficult to follow the narrow way of obedience; but when you know your peculiarity the consequence of straying from the path should outweigh your curiosity. There is safety in instruction and ultimately reward, that far exceeds the temporary thrill. Not to mention the cloud of grief, that encompasses your instructor and guide on the journey when you turn away. Learning from your mistakes and returning to the path, leads to promotion and an unwavering discipline for leading others on this journey.

Have you strayed from the path? Shake off the pain and embarrassment, and make your way back to relationship and reconciliation. There is nothing more fulfilling than overcoming adversity and returning to safety. The thrill of curiosity is temporary, but there is permanent gratification in reaching a purposeful end. Don't believe the accusation of the enemy, telling you it's too late to turn back. As long as you're still breathing, you can find your way back to the path.

Until next time, remember "Love Leads".

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