Rest Is Good

It’s a new year. You’ve set your goals and made your plans. You’ve booked your gigs and made your contacts; everything is a go for all of the ventures you will embark upon in this new season. It seems with all the time spent indoors, you’ve thought of everything…but let me ask, have you thought about your rest? Today is the first Sabbath of the year! I know, this is such a taboo topic but there are many benefits to imparting this observance into your daily life.

You may be wondering what exactly is this? Translations of the word Sabbath, mean to rest and dwell. In the book of Genesis, God took 6 days to complete creation and on the seventh day he rested. He did all the phenomenal work of thinking and speaking everything into existence and decided that enough was enough, and the time had come to take a breather. God paused from his work and became present in a state of unbothered dwelling. He later commanded us to do the same, by remembering the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

Many believers today look to Jesus’ words regarding the Sabbath. His question of what is and what is not acceptable, leads some to believe that it is no longer necessary to observe it. When he states that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath, many believe that to mean that the day now belongs to them and their leisure. However, Jesus was speaking to those who had turned the day of dwelling in God’s presence into a religious show of rules and ego. Jesus sought to remind us of his dwelling among us, and his invitation to bring our burdens and cares to him to find rest. This is a clear message to those who perceive his words in their heart and turn their attention from themselves and back to God.

It is an honor to have God dwell among us. To have the veil torn, and to have the opportunity of direct, unhindered unity in God’s presence. It is amazing that God in all his wisdom, knew how busy and important we would become. He knew that we would take on so much responsibility, and schedule ourselves out of his dwelling place. Even with our Sunday services, God knew our order of service would be set and the clocks would be ticking. God knew that all the hustle and bustle, would cause us to neglect the better thing.

As we look forward to our brighter days, let us also look deeper into our reconnection and reunion with the Father. Let us submit to God’s Lordship and rejoice in his presence, in our lives. Bury the rules and opinions creating a shroud of mystery around the day and simply embrace the Father’s intent for his creation and our lives, which is to dwell in him. God’s wisdom is poured out in his instructions and we are wise to keep them, and Jesus gives us the grace to do so. On this first Sabbath of the New Year, consult the Father and allow him to reshape your vision of rest. Let him prepare your heart and mind for an eternity of dwelling with him. Let us all learn to choose the better thing and allow it to change our generations.

Shabbat Shalom and until next time, remember “Love Leads”.

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