Procrastination: The SILENT Dream Killer

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Dream Killers come in many shapes, forms and fashions. It could be a close friend or relative hating, or an industry expert giving you a “no”. There are so many, to many different people but one of the most overlooked dream killers is procrastination. Procrastination will cause you to make excuses as to why you cannot accomplish what you need to do, in any given season. You can even get as far as making the list, and still find a reason not to start it. Most procrastinators feel that tomorrow is always the best time to start and before you know it, you’ve lost interest and the desire to start slips further and further away.

I'll admit, this had been a long-term illness for me. I blamed a lot of my “putting it off” on time. I could never find enough time, to fit in the dreams that I so longed to bring to fruition. It was so bad that I would talk about my dreams so much to others (without starting), only to find that after much time I’d inspired them to attempt and accomplish them. Seeing someone else live your dream, can be a real wake up call. That’s what it took for me to put up AND shut up.

Whatever your reason for procrastinating, it can only be defeated by actually starting. Jump off the deep end and get into it. Tell people that matter (the ones who will help you facilitate, and hold you accountable), so they can ask the important questions: Did you finish your list? Did you start your network? How much did you put towards your dream today? Avoid people who love to talk about your dream and soak in the details about your mission, without encouraging you or helping you in the process.

Give yourself a fighting chance! Dreams that grasp your very core, are usually God-given. They are usually a direct connection to your purpose, and YOU DESERVE the opportunity to pursue them. Don’t allow procrastination (laziness, fear, naysayers, etc.) to keep you from what could be a glory to God situation. Your dreams matter, and you can do it! Remember, the most important step in the entire process is to start.


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