Just 1 Yes.

It is easy to say no. When it comes to moving into the uncomfortable, we can shoot it out like a bullet -NO. No questions asked, no explanations needed, just no. People have learned to resist what does not present immediate gratification; we flock to the popular, quick, and easy things in life and with no hesitation turn down the work that requires a little elbow grease.

Why is this? Because the world as we know it, has given us everything at the drop of a dime. We have access to all sorts of information, and options to keep up both busy and distracted from the true enrichment we all need. We have so much info, without knowledge and that makes us drunk on an endless glass of useless entertainment. With these factors present, hearing a still small voice saying move to the left or to the right can be missed.

In 2018 and 2019, we began to see an outpouring of gifts, talents, and witty inventions upon the population -especially the people of God. People were tapping into skills from their youth and developing them into small and home-based businesses. Many of those people were comfortable with saying yes and found that just a little bit of risk opened doors that they never thought possible; they left their jobs, traveled more, focused on home, etc. A willingness to say yes allowed them to step outside the norm and take on a new mindset, it led them to be prepared for something no one saw coming.

God was trying to get our attention. He was calling out to many of us, and asking for a faith-filled, yes, spirit. He was doing what he does best, covering and protecting, and making the darkness light before our very eyes. The bible says that God will never forsake the ones who love and trust him, and he proved true during times of uncertainty. One yes (from those who obeyed) covered, protected, and provided for them in so many ways. One yes, allowed God to make the impossible possible, and so many testimonies went forth at the beginning of this year as a result.

The ability to step out of your comfortable place and say yes to the unknown and uncomfortable can take you to higher levels and greater victories. Letting go of what feels good to you and taking hold of what is ordained by God covers you from dangers seen and unseen. The risk in telling God yes, grants much greater reward than being left behind in your comfortable no. Putting away the distractions of entertainment, and saying yes to more studying, learning, trusting, and doing things God’s way ensures your preparedness for whatever may come.

If you are struggling with saying yes, I want to challenge you to make it intentional today. Settle down and listen to what God is asking of you, take a deep breathe, and simply reply "yes". Trust God to navigate the unchartered territory in your life, and bring you through safely and securely, just as he promised. Wake up tomorrow morning with a yes in your spirit and invite God-ordained opportunity to find you and chase you down. God only needs one yes, just one moment of unhindered faith to completely blow your mind.

Until next time, remember “Love Leads”.

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